Past Client Testimonials

Please find below a few testimonials from previous clients we have provided our services for .

Kevin and Jennifer :: July Wedding 2013

"Hi Robert,

Just wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job ! Everything worked out perfect so thank-you ! I will be recommending you to people for sure! If ever we need another dj you will be our guy ! :)


Ghislain and Monique :: May Wedding 2013

"I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know that you were fantastic at the wedding and that we only had great feedback.

Many of our guests, some soon to be married and others not so soon all asked us how to find you and we didn't hesitate to point them in your direction.

Once again, the night couldn't have been such a success without you. If I ever need another event that needs a Dj, you will be the first to be contacted.

Your profesionnal attitude and approchable nature make you perfect for the job. Once again, great job and thank you so much."

Ghislain and Monique

Tricia and Duane :: Surprise 60th Birthday December 2012

"Hi were fantastic Friday Dec 28th @ Patsy's surprise 60th!

All had a fabulous time! You were very easy to work with regarding all of our "requests" (ie: phone calls from out west through the microphone, to working the sound while our relative Francelle Maria was singing!

Thank you for all you did and your professionalism. I will recommend you over and over."

Mel And JYM :: July Wedding 2011

"We had Rob as a DJ at our wedding reception this July. The music played was exactly what we had asked for. Very good, «dancable» music ALL night long.

Our families LOVED the music, and danced till the venue closed.

We accepted requests at our reception, but Rob checked with us before playing anything he thought we might not like, very appreciated.

We have been getting alot of people asking who was are DJ and we are without a doubt recommending Rob.

Mel and JYM :)"

Benoit And Melanie :: July Wedding 2011

"I have nothing but excellent things to say about Maritime Mobile DJ Services.

From the day we initially met him, over a year before the actual wedding, we were immediately please by his very friendly personality, his openness to our specific ideas, his suggestions and how well organized he seemed to be.

Upon reflection on the fact that our wedding ceremony and reception is now all said and done, I can honestly say that what remains with me as my most cherished memories of our wedding are :

1. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful and beautiful wife. 2. How smoothly all the proceedings of the evening went. 3. How much fun we and our guests had the whole night.

We met with Robert twice the week following our wedding; the first time to confirm the exact proceedings of the night (it's incredible how details change over the course of a year!) and the second time was the day before the wedding to finalize a list of specific songs we wanted for the wedding (bridesmaids' entrance, bride's entrance, signing of the legal papers, bride and groom exit, etc.).

We were a little slow at finalizing this list but our last minute detail planning didn't phase Robert one bit. Robert's personality is so approachable and friendly that we would have been comfortable to ask to meet with him again, if needed.

The reception is when I though Robert really shined. Selecting songs based on vague directives such as "age appropriate music for the first hour-ish", he somehow managed to bridge that kinda awkward inter-generational dancing gap with great fun classics. This really got every single potential dancer in that room up on their feet and on the dance floor. We had a blast from the first song!

It must be said that both our families are not big "dancers" and I was a little worried that the party would die down fast after the music started but everybody was dancing their heart out. It was really perfect!

Naturally the older crowd was going to dissipate faster and I though Robert did a great job of transitioning from "age-appropriate" to more modern dance music based on the request he was getting throughout the night.

We had hired Robert until 1:00 am and people were having so much fun that, at 12:45, the people on the dance floor were begging for the music to continue a little longer. That's how much fun our guests were having. Robert kindly agreed to play longer than anticipated (we paid him extra).

Like I said, above, I have nothing but excellent things to say about Maritime Mobile DJ Services! Our entire experience was absolutely excellent!"