Helpful Tips

Here are a few tips we have regarding reception setups and music selections that can help get your guests onto the dance floor and having a great time.


Guests will be looking to you to set the feeling for the night, they are going to want to be where you are . If you’re out there having fun, they’ll naturally want to join in the fun.

If dancing isn’t really your thing, try asking a few of your more outgoing friends or bridesmaids to take lead on the dance floor.

This can often be an icebreaker and help start your party off right !

Let Us Mix It Up A Bit

If you choose to provide us with a list of songs you really want to hear at your reception , try not to limit your picks to one genre of music.

Even though you may only like a certain type of music , you may get more guests dancing if you have us mix things up a little bit.

If Your doing A Floorplan , Place Us Close To The Dancefloor

It is important to have us setup as close as we can as what can end up happening is we need to push the speakers louder then thy need to be to get the music out over the tables and onto the dance floor.

This can interfere with people trying to speak to one another .

If you have concerns about where you have us setting up , contact us and let us know , we have never found a venue where we couldnt find an alternative way to run the sound yet.!